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Welcome to DiabAI, a digital platform, where we harness the power of technology to revolutionize diabetes management.

About DiabAi

Various Features That You Can Get In Our Platform

An AI-powered service specifically designed for diabetes patients, providing you with comprehensive diabetes management services that will be accessible regardless of the patient’s location, economic status, or access to healthcare providers. Our app continues to train based on medical guidelines and the experience of expert endocrinologists to provide accurate and effective recommendations for diabetes management, such as recommendations of medication and follow-ups, as well as inform healthcare providers about medication side effects and contraindications. Additionally, the system will provide diabetic patients with recommendations about diet, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles.


Best Features That Make
Everything Easy

Personalized AI-Powered Recommendations

The standout feature of DiabAi is its cutting-edge AI technology that offers personalized recommendations for diabetes management

 DiabAi provides tailored treatment plans and lifestyle adjustments, empowering users to make informed decisions for their diabetes care.

Smart Assistant For Health Care Provider

DiabAi facilitates virtual healthcare consultations, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers

Our smart app is built on the expertise of endocrinologists and medical guidelines, empowering it to suggest medications, essential follow-ups, check drug contraindications and Update healthcare providers with the latest advancements

Patient Empowerment and Lifestyle Tracking

The app encourages users to take an active role in their health by providing tools to track and monitor their lifestyle choices

With easy-to-understand visualizations and progress reports, users can witness the direct impact of their lifestyle changes on their diabetes outcomes, leading to increased engagement and compliance with treatment plans.

You Deserve A Better Lifestyle


See How Our Features Work For Your Health

Comprehensive services for the management of diabetes

Smart Solution With Great Outcome

By putting patient empowerment and lifestyle tracking at the forefront, DiabAi not only focuses on immediate glucose control but also supports long-term behavior modifications. This holistic approach enhances the user’s overall quality of life and fosters sustainable improvements in just a short time.


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DiabAi ensures accessible and efficient diabetes management for everyone, irrespective of their location, economic status, or healthcare access.

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DiabAi is an innovative digital platform that empowers individuals with diabetes to proactively manage their health and enhance their quality of life.


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